Setting the tone

It’s one of my favourite lines from a show my wife and I love watching together (we’re box set fanatics!), it basically means that each of us is responsible for how things pan out, that despite the myth, you are in control of your destiny.  That all sounds rather dramatic however after building up last years portfolio, I really believe that there is some truth in that.

Only 20 days in to 2011 and I’m encouraged by the continued support from my friends and peers.  Of course I would never discourage anyone from visiting the Facebook page to be counted!  I had a little trouble with the blog, I thought that just settling for a domain name and transferring to WordPress would be simple, there was a point where I was a little worried that taking my old site and portfolio down was a bad idea.   Obvisouly things are sorted now so I can breath a little sigh of relief, no excuse for a break however!  Already making arrangements with some of my favourite models and establishing new ideas for this year, I’m pleased to have made the jump.

Then there’s the camera, well in truth I have nothing to report yet, not even a snap shot image I’d be happy posting anywhere other than my personal Facebook profile but it’s a bit showy, isn’t it?

You can find me on the following sites, with more links being added as the year progresses! Subscribe, say hello, critique or email me to find out more; Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Model Mayhem.

Contact me: 07787 545 823, Skype: thejollytog


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