Putting the icing on 2010’s cake

I’ve spent a well rounded weekend, balancing home life and my photography.  We are in the middle of paint choice’s and weighing up the benefits of carpet versus sun, sea and sand.  More on that later.

Although I’ve mentioned that I’m comfortable starting over with the portfolio this year, I thought it wise to include a sample from last years work and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of them, considering I really have just started out.  I’m trying not to sound too conceited however one has to be comfortable with one’s work or else what’s the point.  As long as no one is under any illusion, there’s no harm!

I’ll happily discuss the alternative bridal portraits for anyone looking for something different to do with their dress (not wedding dress trashing by the way!)  and I’m still very happy to here from any models, make up artists and stylists looking for a photographer to illustrate their work.

For anyone else visiting the blog, although this isn’t supposed to be a web based portfolio, I’ve posted images here on the galleries tab and on Flickr and Facebook (links in the side bar).


One Response to “Putting the icing on 2010’s cake”

  1. Beautiful portrait
    Congratulations good job

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