Photography: weekly round up

I made a promise to myself about a week ago to post at least weekly to my blog, already it’s been a difficult promise to keep!  Having said that , it has been for the right reasons.  I’m juggling editing from two shoots earlier in the month with work and home life, it’s busy but I really enjoy it.

A recent visit with George to the hospital really put things into perspective earlier in the week but I’m glad to say it wasn’t all bad news, what is clear now is that we both need a holiday – so if anyone is planning to get married abroad, do let us know!  A busy weekend cooking for friends from France on Friday and Pudsey on Saturday (both got taxi’s so they cold have a drink!) meant I had little time to catch up with editing before shooting this morning with Ellie (aka Ambellina).  My, I do believe we found my match, Ellie was a spritely, energetic 18-year-old model and incredibly talented MUA from North Yorkshire and I have to say the final edits will look amazing, keep an eye out for those!

The weekend has been finished off with a visit to a MUA’s house to discuss her parents wedding! I’ve arranged to do a pre-wedding shoot with the happy couple middle of March so we can make a final decision on whether to book me or not.  It’s really important that as I’m not a Wedding photographer that they employ me for my work and are comfortable in front of my camera, I’m sure they will and I look forward to working in the Lakes this October!

Catherine Vernon has been in touch too, with updates on her MA exhibit, it was received incredibly well which I’m very proud of and with luck I understand it will be shown at an under-graduate event later this year!  Business cards are on order, new me, new logo and something special this time too!  I’ll post some examples once then arrive.  And finally, a further three models have shown interest in the 26 models, 1 day shoot (not the working title but I’ll reveal closer to the shoot!).  This puts the count up to 10 so far without approaching anyone directly, really pleased with the response, it won’t be long before I can start the planning stage!

Until next week! ~ Anthony


One Response to “Photography: weekly round up”

  1. Glad to see you are so busy! That’s not necessarily a bad thing 😉 I’m going to your facebook page now to ‘like’ it 😉 I think you’ll be an interesting person to follow. Take care 🙂

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