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Putting the icing on 2010’s cake

I’ve spent a well rounded weekend, balancing home life and my photography.  We are in the middle of paint choice’s and weighing up the benefits of carpet versus sun, sea and sand.  More on that later. Although I’ve mentioned that I’m comfortable starting over with the portfolio this year, I thought it wise to include […]

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Setting the tone

It’s one of my favourite lines from a show my wife and I love watching together (we’re box set fanatics!), it basically means that each of us is responsible for how things pan out, that despite the myth, you are in control of your destiny.  That all sounds rather dramatic however after building up last […]

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New Year, new portfolio

My plan for 2011 was momentarily hindered when over the holiday period disaster struck.  I’ve been shooting with a DSLR (specifically the Canon 40D) for nearly two years, I’ve never looked back and my passion has come leaps and bounds.  Unfortunately the camera went flying, thank goodness for insurance, right?

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