I am a semi professional photographer working predominately in the North of England.  I’m influenced by the dramatic, with a background in performing arts I welcome challenging creative shoots.

I specialise in working with people: portrait, commercial, corporate, public, special events

On assignment:

I prefer to work as part of a team to create images that benefit everyone involved, I enjoy working out on location as well as in a studio environment but my open and honest attitude to what I do creates the perfect environment for more intimate and less technical work.

The ingredients and the importance of good communication:

For those who would appreciate, I shoot with Canon, strobist studio lighting (incredibly portable) and Bowens Studio Flash which is also portable but predominately for studio type work.  I always shoot in RAW for post production work which I’ve become accustomed to doing myself.  I try to be as prepared for any assignment as possible, putting a strong emphasis on communication, email, telephone calls are a minimum when organising anything and I will provide release’s and assignment notes where necessary.

Models, stylists and designers:

I do accept TF assignments so please don’t hesitate to ask, I’m especially interested in anything that I do not currently have in either last years, or this years portfolio.  If in doubt just ask!

You may also find me on:
My Facebook Page
My Flickr Photostream


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